2015 Paragliding World Cup - Ager, Spain — Task 4

Fantastic flying in the final task at the World Cup in Ager, Andre Rainsford reports:

"Sometimes waiting in the rain as patiently as paragliding pilots are able to, is worth every frustrating moment. The last task of the Ager world cup was an epic one! Close to a hundred kilometers to the east with a myriad of choices to make. The bulk of the field chose to fly a huge detour in the mountains with about a third daring to take the tiger line or an intermediate path.

The racing was fierce close to the magnificent ridge that defines Ager. Tucked into one another like migrating birds the lead gaggle clawed its way up the cliffs after the treacherous gorge crossing. They then raced to the end of the ridge to the east before taking maximum height and committing to the chosen route. The result? One hundred and twenty pilots spread out over 90 km of moon country spreading out as a shotgun might expel its shot.

Most remarkable of all was the fact that after three hours and divergent paths, about a third of the field arrived at the same point at the same height and time. It was close to the end and then chaos ensued with dozens landing short.

The recovery was slow and long with the last pilots arriving back at HQ long after dark. Not a single complaint could be heard.

Yoann Chavanne was the top GIN pilot in 4th, only a poor performance in the 3rd task cost him an overall podium spot.

Cheers to our supporters, look out for us in October, Bir Billing beckons the brave in India!"

Congratulations to Pierre Remy and all the other winners, full results via the PWCA website.


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