2015 Paragliding World Cup - Ager, Spain — Task 3

If it was possible cloudbase would have started below ground at sunrise this morning. No fear, the forecast gave us hope.

The mist lifted and clouds rolled painfully slowly up the mountain like an enormous fluffy duvet . After an eternity the veil prohibiting free flight reluctantly lifted allowing a late task.

This involved some fiddling in front of the ridge before a dubiously low dive into the treacherous terrain over the back. The westerly wind arrived shortly after the start ripping the field apart.

Several gaggles clumped together before flopping over the back into the blue at regular intervals. Those who had the discipline to stay high in the front of the ridge at the start won the day.

The vagaries of the FTV scoring make it difficult to predict results going into the last day. We remain hopeful for our pilots!

Tomorrow's promise of good conditions should bring this competition to a triumphant close.



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