2015 Paragliding World Cup - Ager, Spain Task 2

Task 2 - Cloud Base and Beyond!

The field was eager to get going after the relative success of the first task despite the negative weather forecast. Spirits were dampened slightly on arrival at launch. This was because of the fact that cloud-base was many hundreds of metres below launch.

A little bit of para-waiting was rewarded with a micro-task which was completed in under an hour. Most of the field made goal again. The Gin Gliders contingent was led in by Aaron, Yoann, Andre and Julien all finishing in the top twenty which were separated by less than a minute.

The highlight of the day was launching above cloud-base and finding your way through the gaps in the clouds to get below cloud-base in order start the race!

The start was a little messy with multi-level clouds forming and dissipating while one hundred men and women tried to avoid one-another in the misty wisps.

Yoann Chavanne is now leading the competition on a Boomerang 10 after two solid tasks. The battle for team honours is already close with the Gin Gliders team a mere point behind the top spot. Petra is finding her flying form and we have every expectation that she will make the podium.

The third day was cancelled due to low cloud-base and possible over development. Stay with us for more action in the coming days.


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