2015 Paragliding World Cup - Ager, Spain Task 1

The GIN team is in Ager, Spain. This picturesque town in Catalonia has attracted many of the very best pilots in the world with its promise of long balmy days and formidable ridges designed for racing of the highest order.

The weather forecast prompted the task committee to set a relatively short first task which was set as an out and return course of around 62km. A tentative start suggested that it would be a slow day. The entire field struggled to gain height at the start which was set a significant distance away from the comfort of the ridge. Things got really fast after that. Dozens of pilots could be seen screaming along clumped impossibly close together mere meters from the cliffs.

There were two lines to take: low on the front ridge; or high on the back ridge. The back ridge won the day.

There was a nasty little sting in the tail after the end of speed section. The last leg required an into wind glide which which saw several luckless competitors land short with many more grovelling low to complete the task after the clock had stopped.

Nearly one hundred pilots packed the goal field in short order.

Task1 results: http://pwca.org/results/results/t_4_19_1.htm?ts=150901202125


Overall winner was Peter Vyparina from Slovak followed by Michael Gierlach and Alex Tarakanov.
Today Karolina (organizer) will send you some more pictures and full results are on airtribune.com


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