2015 Paragliding World Cup - Ager, Spain — Meet Yoann Chavanne

The consistency with which the French competition pilot development machine produces top notch pilots is astounding. Year after year, fresh new French faces grace the competition scene with unlikely performances against all of the best pilots in the business.

Yoann Chavanne is no exception. We caught up with him on launch today to ask him about his background. Yoann is a 22 year old engineering student from Annecy. His father taught him to fly at the tender age of 10 if you can believe that!

Yoann is a product of the prolific sport development system Le Pôle Espoir Vol Libre option Parapente in Font Romeu near the Spanish Border. Maxime Pinot, Charles Cazaux and Jeremie Lager are all products of this school. Yoann is in his 4th year at the University of Lyon with 3 to go. Apparently the French sports ministry allows for manipulation of the scholarship to accommodate participation in paragliding events.

The highlights of his flying career include winning the first task at each of the world cup events in Portugal and Switzerland earlier this year. This was a remarkable performance for such a young pilot.

Yoann is leading the Spanish World Cup event on his Boomerang 10 in Ager after two strong task results.

Expect to see a lot more from this talented young man in the future.

Photo: Philippe Broers / Vimeo


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