2014 Paragliding World Cup SuperFinal — Task Three

Andre Rainsford reports:

"The conditions seem to be improving a little as seen in the third task where fifty five pilots made goal with the first thirty separated by ten minutes. The leading group figured out how to step up from the lower take-off onto the lip of the plateau to take advantage of the peculiar phenomenon we have observed here. We are not sure exactly what the mechanics are. Some think it is a combination of mechanical heating above the inversion and convergence of the north wind and the valley breeze. Whatever-the-case, getting onto the edge of the plateau allowed the field to climb to more than a thousand meters above the lower inversion layer. Those who could not make the connection were destined to failure.

A number of Boomerang pilots have established themselves in the top twenty. Petra is currently looking at a podium finish and the Gin Gliders team is optimistic lying in fifth position.

Brett has been transferred to a hospital in Antalya where he had minor surgery on his foot and knee. He will be transported home shortly and is expected to make a full recovery."


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