2014 Paragliding World Cup SuperFinal Denizli, Turkey

Andre Rainsford pens this report from a taskless 2014 World Cup Superfinal:

 "The Gin Gliders team arrived in Pamukkale in Turkey filled with great expectations given the 2010 final where we had reasonably good flying. Sadly the weather has not been at all favorable and we have not managed to fly a task after five days. We have travelled far every day and almost raced on two occasions, but each time the conditions have forced the organizers to cancel the day. We ended up in Oludeniz on the coast yesterday after a long bus ride. A handful of pilots flew off the famous Babadag mountain which towers two thousand meters above the beautiful turquoise waters of the Oludeniz lagoon and beach. Bad news followed when we heard Brett had an incident on launch, but we are happy to report he is back at the hotel but will not be flying for a while.

The lack of flying has resulted in much speculation about the eagerly anticipated release of the Boomerang 10. We wish the rest of the Gin Gliders team all the best in their quest to produce the next Boomerang blade!


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