2014 Paragliding World Cup SuperFinal — A task at LAST!

Andre Rainsford reports:

"The World Cup Super Final got going yesterday from the impressive new Cameli launch site south of Pamukkale. The pilots were treated to traditional turkish "pancake" called Gözleme prepared on the mountain top by several local women. The steaming pancakes are filled with spinach and cheese and complemented by hot Turkish tea making a great combination to ward off the frigid temperatures on launch.

A task was set in the stable and breezy conditions which saw very few pilots able to complete more than half the task. The result was a low scoring affair but that did not diminish the collective relief of finally being airborne! Gin Gliders was well represented as always. Our spirits are high and we look forward to more flying the rest of the week!

We are also happy to report that a battered and bruised Brett has been moved to a hospital in Antalya where his injuries will be re-assessed before he goes home to Canada."


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