14th FAI World Paragliding Championships, Colombia 2015 — Task 8

"The GIN Metronome of discipline and consistency"

We could apologise for the monotony of our reporting given the fantastic conditions and the remarkable performances of our pilots . In our defence we are faced with a perfect flying arena and the twin assault of Swiss precision and German discipline. The Maurer brothers did it for the Swiss today and Torsten flew the German flag high once more. GIN had 5 out of the first 8 and 7 in the top 20 today.

The pace was furious with an average speed of 42 km/h recorded around the 94 km task. Four valley crossings were required on a technically challenging day where route selection was vital for success. The lead group chose the route on the mountains to the west for the crux which proved too fast for the rest ensuring victory for twenty or so individuals.

The task was in danger of being stopped later in the day on account of over-development. It has rained most of the evening. Nothing can dampen the spirits of this field. Spirits are high as we approach the end of the competition. There is every chance that we will fly three more tasks.

Michael and Torsten are still in the lead overall. The points are tight and one can feel the tension mounting.

Photo: Tomas Brauner


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