14th FAI World Paragliding Championships, Colombia 2015 — Task 5

Short, Sharp, Fast and Furious

"GIN factory pilots warm up to the task"

Another glorious day of flying in Colombia which proved to be overwhelmingly successful for GIN pilots.

Andre and Torsten crossed the line to goal mere seconds apart taking 2 of the 3 podium positions on an unforgiving day where the smallest mistakes on the relatively short course were irrecoverable. Michael, Marc and Franz backed them up strongly making it 5 out of the first 9 for GIN in another multi-national effort. The first 20 pilots were separated by a only a minute. Petra was not far off the pace finishing second by a narrow margin in the women's competition mere minutes behind the overall leader. Many did not expect to fly today but Roldanillo delivered in fine style.

The pressure at the top of the overall rankings is intensifying with GIN pilots relentlessly gaining ground. We now have 3 of our finest in the top 5 along with Petra already in a podium position and within striking distance of the ladies' lead. Another ten or so GIN pilots have entered the top 30.

Points and positions aside, we are all loving this contest. A uniquely relaxed atmosphere pervades proceedings. It feels almost as if this is one giant international free-flying festival. Even better though, we are not even halfway through this contest with a good medium term forecast.

Photo: Harry Buntz


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