14th FAI World Paragliding Championships, Colombia 2015 — Task 4

"Fortune Favours the Bold"—GIN pilots creep up the overall ranking with 10 pilots now in the top 20. Andre Rainsford reports on the Task 4 action.

"Task 4 proved to be a much better day in general with an interesting task offering two options. The obvious route was to cross over to the eastern side the valley from the start after the first turn point with the majority of the field; the alternate route offered the promise of a free run under the strong lift above the mountains in the west at the cost of crossing the valley three times and flying a little further.

Less than a third of the field chose the second option which paid off for some. The west beat the east by at least ten minutes. Several GIN pilots selected the western route and were handsomely rewarded with three of our pilots in the top five again. Aaron Durogati (ITA) was the toast of the team this time ahead of Christian & Michael Maurer (SUI). Torsten Siegel (GER) was not far back also finishing in the top ten.

GIN pilots dominated the eastern group with all the other usual suspects rushing into goal in formation (FrankB, ThomasB, RusselA, MichaelK & PavelF). Petra was the fourth woman in goal followed by JoannaG & KhobiB in the top ten.

The overall standings are taking shape with three Gin pilots in the top five and exactly half of the top twenty all proudly carrying the Boomerang 10 label!

Thank you all for the support and join us in urging our podium hopefuls on to great heights."

Photo: Harry Buntz


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