14th FAI World Paragliding Championships, Colombia 2015 — Task 3

Andre Rainsford reports on task 3:

"The 3rd task at the world championships was another fantastic day for Gin Gliders. 4 of the first 5 pilots were on Boomerangs with Christian Maurer (SUI) leading ahead of Frank Brown (BRA), Dusan Oroz (SLO) and Franz Erlacher (ITA). Another two GIN pilots, Marc Wensauer (GER) and Javier Funes Nichele (ARG), also finished in the top 10. That makes 6 pilots from six different nations in the top 10. A quick look at the pilot list shows that there are a total of around 40 pilots from 18 nations flying GIN.

Only one pilot crossed the goal line on a slow day. It took more than two hours to complete the forty four kilometer task which saw at least fifty pilots five or six kilometers short.

The day was characterised by bulging gaggles nursing light climbs low down often accompanied by birds. Somehow it doesn't seem so bad when you have lots of company while you struggle.

After two long days of fighting in soft conditions all pilots will be looking forward to the prediction of warmer weather in the coming days."

Photo: David Ohlidal


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