14th FAI European Paragliding Championship 2016: Practice day

Today was the official training day for the Europeans. Although the weather forecast was not very promising, pilots headed for the takeoff in the morning. During the briefing for the training task, the conditions improved and while the first pilots were climbing, some small cumulus clouds started to form in the flats.

Some of the pilots took the chance and flew the training task, while many others went free flying to set up their equipment correctly. It became a fairly good day with nice climbs and cloud base went up to 2000m. However, the training task was not easy and many pilots landed short before goal because of strong winds. Tomorrow will be the first task and the weather forecast looks good. We have many good team pilots ready to race and also the current European Champion is here to defend his title.

Thanks to Michael Sigel and Yael Margelisch for the photos.


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