14th FAI European Paragliding Championship 2016: Day 8 - Task 7

Petra Slivova reports on Wednesday's task 7:

"Another day with good flying conditions! The task was set as a 98 km race to goal: south west take off, over the flats to the east hills, one turpoint a bit to the north and than about 60 km straight line to goal in Bitola.

As there was quite a significant west wind, the way to the first turn point was easy with the back wind. Then was a choice where to fly to the cylinder of the second turn point. A big gaggle decided to fly more in flats against the wind and take it on the shortest possible track. Me together with few others decided to use stronger climbs on the eastern hills and fly a bit longer route but side wind and stay on hills for longer.

Both decisions were almost equally as fast until last thermal in the middle of valley, but the big group arrived there to the “fire thermal” from the burned field some minutes earlier and had a really strong climb, for sure about 6 or 7 m/s. When I arrived there was some 1 or 2 meters climb and took me really long to climb to a reasonable height to be able to reach goal.

So at the end it was group of about 60 pilots reaching goal in 5 minutes including Torsten in top 10. Interesting was the overall scoring for the day, as 11 years ago when I won a task of world championship in Brazil, it is again female winning a task overall. Klaudia Bulgakow from Poland shared first place with German pilot Martin Petz. Congratulations to both! For me the later arrival to the goal means that in last two tasks I will have to fight for podium hard, but I like fighting from back :-)

In the evening pilots enjoyed party in the hotel Montana with good food and drinks and Thursday was set as rest day. So last two tasks will be on Friday and Saturday, weather permitting..."


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