14th FAI European Paragliding Championship 2016: Day 7 - Task 6

Tim Bollinger reports on Task 6:

"We flew a task of 115 km, the day looked much better than the other days –blue sky but also a few clouds. The airstart was at 13h15, I took off 45 minutes before the start. In the beginning, it was not easy to make height and also to stay in a good spot for the start. I took the start lower than the other pilots but we had nice climbs after some km. I was near the leading group after the first turnpoint. When we came back to the mountain, we had a nice climb over the valley but I saw some pilots climbing very well on the ridge, so I moved there, climbed to the cloud base and then we moved to the flats. I had nearly 3100m, we took the second turnpoint, after this, we flew over some small hills direction of third turnpoint. Just before the turnpoint I was with the leading group, but then I took another route and fell from the sky. All the pilots took the last turn point in the north and flew to the goal, while I needed to make height before I was able to go on. I made cloud base (3200m) and then I flew to the goal. I lost 5 minutes on the first group. It was a nice day and I hope tomorrow will be like this again."


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