14th FAI European Paragliding Championship 2016: Day 6 - Task 5

Idris Birch reports on Task 5:

The forecast was for quite a stable day but we had good conditions for racing.

The task took us around the north edge of the valley and then a choice to take the mountains on the east side or stay in the flats to take the final turnpoint in the south east of the valley. Then a final glide to the west where goal was a small grass airstrip.

The main highlights of the task were that the climbs seemed to be in clusters and the pilots had to find the best cores. The start was very tricky with some pilots bombing out early. But climbs improved as the day progressed. GIN factory pilot Michael Sigel made it in around 20th position, which was a nice birthday present for him as 22 pilots made the ESS but failed to make the final 1.8km to the goal cylinder. With many more falling just short of the ESS.

67 pilots made the goal with Javier Reina crossing arriving 1st.


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