14th FAI European Paragliding Championship 2016: Day 5 - Task 4

Torsten Siegel reports on Task 4:

"It’s heating up in Macedonia – the temperature and the action. The brave pilots took out their shorts again but up in the air it was still chilly. Very unusual for Macedonia during this time of the year but after the race started, the action relieved the cold fingers. Most of our team pilots were happy to escape during this task from the unpredictable flatlands. The 102km route was leading along the “mountains” – at least on the map it looked like this. In reality the mountains are not very high and flat dipping. Without any clouds it was once again tricky to find the thermal spots and like yesterday the lift was most of the time not very impressive, just like the cloud base height. Luckily a few of us made the right choice: we took the most western route and just as it seamed that all groups joined each other again at the second turnpoint we had a little advantage. With more height we were able to catch the lift much better and follow a real mountain in eastern direction. During 10km we came higher and higher while all the other lower pilots struggled with big sink in-between. Lucky us – watching the field from above and continuing the course for the last 20km with a long final glide.

The Gin Gliders R&D team (Idris and me) beat today the Gin Gliders sales team (Michl and Petra). Great result for and we’re looking forward to catch up more during the next week. Unfortunately Semih landed short right before goal. He didn’t have Patrick's luck who just flared his glider half a meter over the goal line. But with the first full discard he stays in a good position, same as Petra who is overall in 3rd place."


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