14th FAI European Paragliding Championship 2016: Day 11 - Task 9

Petra Slivova reports the final task (9):

"After heavy rain in the night, the weather forecast was very optimistic and the task setting dared for 95 km task. First turnpoint in the south with big start cylinder gave a lot of options to choose the waiting point… some brave pilots decided to fly over the flats before the start was open and wait next to Prilep town, some pilots were in the middle of the valley and I was with just few others next to take off. Already by waiting for start we could see some big clouds around including some rain, but everybody believed it would not affect our flying area.

The fastest pilots from each of the groups reached the first turn point in the south more or less at the same time, then took the way back to the mountain on the east side of the valley with view of overdeveloping clouds behind the mountain ridge. First group flew quite easy through the turnpoint and reached the goal below Kruševo in less than 2.5 hours. For pilots who were bit behind, there was quite a big surprise on the way to the turnpoint as strong easterly gusts from the huge cloud grounded many pilots before the second turnpoint. Unluckily including me and as I had already used two discards in the comp, it meant a loss of chance for the female podium for me. Torsten reached the goal in 15th position and moved to 12th place overall in the comp and got a silver medal for Germany in the nation ranking.

Congratulations to the new European champions, Honorin Hamard, Seiko Fukuoka Naville and the French team.

Even though we'd hoped for better results, I can say that we had good and safe race in Kruševo with many hours in the air and great organization and atmosphere. I am really proud that Gin Gliders was the main sponsor of such a great event! Thanks, Gin!

PS: At the same time I was feeling a bit down about losing the female podium in the last task, I was cheered up by the great news from Pre-PWC Indonesia where our team pilot Moonseob Lim took 1st place…Well done, Moonseob! That is reminding me that there will be plenty of future comps to win for GIN team pilots! :-)


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