14th FAI European Paragliding Championship 2016: Day 1 - Task 1

Petra Slivova reports on task 1...

"Hello from Macedonia!

Today we flew first task of the European championship in Kruševo, a 88 km race to goal mainly through flatlands. The conditions were unusually weak for this area. After first turnpoint in the north came the tricky decision. Fly in the flatlands where there were no clouds at that moment or try to fly in the mountains – a longer way with the wind blowing from the southwest (from the back of the mountain).

The biggest group tried to fly in the mountains but very soon were forced to jump to flatlands too. The fastest option was to fly to the flats straight from the first turnpoint and follow the arrow, although some pilots still bombed out on that course.

The task was won by Nicola Donini, congratulations! The best GIN pilot was Semih Sayir, our Turkish importer and champion who took 3rd. I was – with a lot of good luck – the fastest women, 7th overall sharing the first female place with Kirsty who got more leading points due to a faster beginning. Cross your fingers for us for good flights next days! :-)

You can follow the action live on airtribune.com"


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