Jimmy Pacher

Born in 1972 in Canazei (Val di Fassa, Dolomiti Mountains, north Italy), Jimmy Pacher is one of the most successful paraglider pilots in the world. He taught himself to fly at the age of 13 or 14 with friends, and entered the competition scene in 1989. He has been with Gin Seok Song since 1996, following the designer to his new company, Gin Gliders.

Jimmy is Gin Gliders importer in Italy. Activities outside paragliding are also important for Jimmy, and he likes to spend time diving for fish. This demanding sport involves holding your breath underwater and waiting silently for a fish to swim past and be harpooned.


2003 Italian Liga Ranking 1st

2003 Italian Open Championship 1st

2004 Italian Championship 2nd

2005 Italian Championship 2nd

2005 Italian Liga Ranking 1st


1994 European Champion

1998 European Champion

2002 European Championship 3rd


1994 PWC Overall 1st

1997 PWC Overall 1st

1998 PWC Overall 3rd

2000 PWC Overall 3rd

2003 World cup La Reunion 1st

1997 World Championship 3rd


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