Hans Bollinger

Swiss pilot Hans Bollinger ("Housi") is one of the most well-known figures in the international competition scene. He joined Gin Seok Song in 1998 at the beginning of Gin Gliders' history. Married with 2 children, Tim and Anna, "Housi" is Gin Gliders' importer in Switzerland and runs his own paragliding school in the Jura mountains, North-West Switzerland. His son Tim is now an accomplished competitor, having started out at 8 years old on the hill behind his father's house with his own specially sized glider designed by Gin.

Housi started hang gliding in 1984 and paragliding in 1987. His first PWC victory was in 1992 in the Owen's Valley, USA. Since that time, he has won 6 World Cup events. He is best known for his "fast and low" flying style and his willingness to lead from the front, but is equally at home in weaker conditions.


1993 World Champion

1995 PWC Overall Winner

1999 PWC Overall 3rd

1999 PWC Morzine 1st

2001 PWC Castejon 1st

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