Christian Tamegger

Christian Tamegger, the most successful Austrian pilot, is known to designer Gin Seok Song as "halb gas Tami". The pilot always said that pushing the accelerator only "Half Gas" was still fast enough to win - the glider was so good.

The relationship between Tami and the designer of GIN has been long, both remember especially the 1997 World Championships in Castejon, Spain, where Tami was 2nd. History repeated itself 2001, when Tami was again 2nd in the Worlds in Granada, Spain.

Born 23 March 1973 and a graduate of Lustenau commercial academy, Tami's hobbies include tennis, meterology and computing.


2003 Alpen Open 1st

2003 Veltins Cup 1st

2003 Austrian League 2nd

2002 European Championships 2nd

2003 Pre World cup Abtenau 2nd

1991 PWC Castejon 1st

1993 PWC Chamonix 1st

1996 PWC Overall Champion

1997 PWC Overall 3rd

1998 PWC Chamonix 1st

2003 World cup Switzerland 4th

2004 World cup Austria 1st

2004 World cup France 1st

2006 World cup Switzerland 1st

1997 World Championships 2nd

2001 World Championships 2nd

2003 World Championship 8th

2005 World Championship 2nd

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