Adrian Hachen

Adrian had always dreamed of flying and chose paragliding as the form of flying that offers the closest experience of the elements. Whenever he's not studying Mechanical engineering or designing acro or speedwings as part of the GIN R&D team, he's in the air. Today Adrian works toward the goal of mastery in all aspects of paragliding from cross country to acro and speedflying.

Hometown: Utzenstorf, Switzerland

Resides: Fribourg, Switzerland

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Career Highlights


2. PWC Brazil 2013

2. Swiss Championship 2013

1. Swiss League Cup 2013

254 km FAI triangle 2013


2. Swiss Chapionship Solo 2012

3. Sonchaux Acro Show Solo 2012

1. APWC Brienz Synchro 2013

1. APWC AcroJam Synchro 2013

1. Sonchaux Acro Show Synchro 2013

2. Sonchaux Acro Show Syncho 2014