Semih Sayir

Semih Sayir started paragliding in 1992 and his first competition experience was at the World Air Games in Turkey in 1997.

He became the Gin Gliders importer for Turkey in 2002. He started to fly the Boomerang series from the Boomerang 2 has has flown each model in the series until the latest Boomerang X.

"I am working as the importer of GIN and Supair in Turkey and organize many international competitions each year. I was active in the PWCA Committee for several years. Now, I am spending more time organizing XC tours and SIV clinics for mostly experienced pilots. I like doing competitions, especially World Cups as I get to see all my friends who enjoy the same things. It's like a big family, nothing can beat that."

Recent results:

2009 Dolomiten Open 5th

2010 European Championships 11th

2010 Superfinal Poggio Bustone 29th

2011 Superfinal Valle de bravo 49th

2011 Russian Open PG Championships Denizli 1st

2011 Raska Open 5th

2011 Pre PWC Erzincan 3rd

2012 Pre PWC Aiolia XC Open 2nd

2012 THSF Turkish Nationals 1st


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