Joanna Di Grigoli

Born in 1979, Joanna's dream was to fly. Her drawings had to do with flying and when she was asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, she answered "a bird". She also had the "typical" answers: astronaut, air force pilot...

When she saw a hanglider for the first time at age 3, she became obsessed with free flying and knew that was the way to make her dream come true.
Later, she saw paragliders at age 12 and was then certain that this was the sport she wanted to reach the sky.
When she was 17, Joanna was invited to see how a paragliding course was, but when she asked her parents for permission, they refused and told her that once she was of age and with her own money, she could do it… and so she did.

Her dream came true in the year 2000 and from the moment she got her feet off the ground, she was hooked into the sport. Paragliding became her passion, her way of life.
Joanna likes proving people that dreams can come true if you work hard, and encourages others to pursuit their dreams. With hard work, she began flying, found sponsors, and has achieved good results in competitions.
One of her dreams was to fly and work with Gin, and this dream also came true.

Besides paragliding, Joanna is a freelance translator, skydiver, and trike pilot.


3rd female PWC Macedonia 2012

PWCA American Champion 2009 and 2010

1st female PWC Chelan 2010

1st female Spanish Championships 2010

Venezuelan female champion 2003 - 2009

1st female Slovenian Open 2009

XC Open Series female champion 2008

Pan American Vice Champion 2008

3rd female Monarca Open 2008

2nd female Nordic Open 2006

1st female Pre PWC Colombia 2005



Nestea, Cantv, GIN, Eicom, Oakley. 



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