Cyril Planton

Country France

Born 1987

Facebook Cyril Pltn

Achievements (speedriding)

French Champs 2011 4th

French Champs 2009 3rd

Valfrejus Speedcross 2008 1st

Valmeinier 2008 1st

Other Sports

Ski, paragliding, sky diving, wingsuit, climbing, mountaineering

Achievements (paragliding)

Prix Moulinier 2011

Acro French Champion Solo 2009

Acro French Champs Solo 2010 3rd

Acro French Champion Syncro 2008/2009

World ranking solo 3rd 2007/2008/2009/2010

Glider Fluid 8

Sponsors GIN, Sup’air

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Cyril Planton is one of the best pilots of the last ten years.

This engineering student of Fluid aerodynamics is full power in lots of activities with a big talent..