Aaron Durogati

Aaron Durogati was born in Merano in north Italy in 1986. Aaron started flying with his father, who is a tandem pilot, when he was 6. In his teenage years he spent a lot of time ski racing and at the age of 15, started paragliding in earnest.

Since then Aaron has tried to fly almost every day after school and during the holidays. With a competitive mindset, he took part in his first local paragliding competition in 2004, aiming to be one day as good as his idol Jimmy Pacher.

During the winter Aaron works as a ski instructor and spends his summers doing tandems with his father as well as taking part in many paragliding competitions. In 2009 Aaron became a paragliding instructor and made a remarkable entrance on the World Cup scene. He also became a member of the Gin team.

Outside competitions, Aaron loves freeride skiing, acro flying and hiking up the mountains with a light glider.


2009 4th PWC Korea

2009 1st Pre PWC Portugal

2009 4th PWC Super final

2009 1st Korean Championship

2008 5th Italian Championship



Dolomiti High Fly

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