Grant Middendorf

I have been flying paragliders since August 1988.

I learnt to fly in my home town of Queenstown, New Zealand, when on leave from the NZ Army. I started competing nationally in 1993 and internationally in 1999.

I have represented New Zealand at two World Championships and three international team challenges.

I intend to compete internationally for the foreseeable future and hopefully maintain or even improve my international ranking.


1st New Zealand Champs 2006

1st New Zealand Champs 2005

4th Place Manilla open, Australia 2004

3rd Place New Zealand Champs 2004

63rd Place World Championships, Montalegro 2003, Portugal, (after finishing 121st on the 1task, I finished, 36th in task 2, 3rd in task 3, and 15th in task 6)

6th Place British Championships, Petrahida, Spain 2003, (5th in task 1, wining task 2 & 4 by 9 & 7 minute restively)

70th Place PWC, La Clusaz, France, (first PWC,1st task, 72, 2nd task 89th, and 3rd task 48th)

1st Place Australian Championships, Manilla, 2003

10th Place New Zealand Championships Manilla, 2003

8th Place Manilla open, Australia 2002

3rd Place New Zealand Championships 2002

52nd Place World Championships, Granada, Spain, 2001

8th Place Nordic Open, Petrahida, Spain, 2001

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