Speedflying safety information

Speedflying - "flying fast downhill" - opening new horizons of piloting for expert and careful pilots with a lot of flying experience.

The air, the speed and the fun are joined for a new dimension of flight… the possibilities are growing!

The play of trajectories and speed against the relief opens new piloting potential, as yet unexplored using soft canopies.

Speedgliders - launched on foot - designed for highly experienced and responsible pilots that have enough knowledge to adapt to the speedglider´s dynamic handling. The higher wing loading increases the speed and the responsiveness of the handling. The glide angles are much lower than with modern paragliders. The landing approach and landing itself are considerably different.

Speedgliders are not recommended for busy flying sites and training in a professional paragliding school is strongly recommended. Regular practice on the ground is very useful.

Take special care when deciding when and where to fly, and respect other flyers and flying machines.