• Speedflying light
  • 3 sizes
  • 3 colours
yak dgall1 yak dgall2 yak dgall3

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The ultra-light speedflying glider

The Yak is the ultimate toy for mountain lovers, an outrageous amount of pure fun packed into a tiny package of just over 2 kilos. Gin Gliders have produced this speedwing drawing on all their knowledge and experience of light weight paragliding.

> 3 sizes: 15 - 16.5 - 18

> wing + ultra-light Yeti bag (40L)

> wing + ultra-light Yeti convertible harness/bag (40L)

> wing + ultra-light Yeti harness and GIN Alpine bag (50L) + inner bag + velcro + owner's manual USB stick + repair kit

Take your boots, crampons and hiking poles! And let’s go to play!

Ultra-easy to inflate, this speed glider makes it easy to become airborne, and to land in a wide range of conditions. Its trim range allows you to decrease the glide ratio for a fast morning descent, or to increase it for a spot of afternoon soaring. Even thermalling is possible with the big sizes. Be safe, go fast! Take your boots, crampons and hiking poles! And let’s go to play!

The Yak is supplied with the new Yeti harness in 4 versions:

- wing + ultra-light Yeti rucksac (40L)

- wing + ultra-light Yeti convertible harness/bag (40L) + Peguet light maillons 

- wing + ultra-light Yeti harness & GIN Alpine bag (50L) + Peguet light maillons 

- wing + Switch harness/bag with airbag + 30mm automatic carabiners

To safely fly speedflying wings, you must adapt your skills and knowlege. Please learn with a specialised professional.

Technical Specifications

 SIZE 15 16.5 18
 FLAT  AREA 15m2 16.5m2 18m2
AR 3.9 3.9 3.9
 CELL NUMBER 26 26 26
 GLIDER WEIGHT 2.1kg 2.3kg 2.5kg

* The choice of speedglider size depends not only on the flying weight (weight of the pilot plus equipment), but also on the pilot level and intended field of use. The choice of size is vital to safety: the smaller the glider, the higher level of pilot skill required.


Yak colours