What is Speedflying / Speedriding?

Speedflying, a new flying concept

Speedflying is flying fast downhill.

The concept has evolved from speedriding, the fast mountain descent under a speedglider launched on skis. For the past few years, Gin Gliders has been the leading innovator in speedriding. Now comes the first Gin Gliders speedglider launchable by foot: the Bobcat.

Speedgliders, a new concept in wing design

Speedriding and speedflying are both based on a new design concept developed by Gin Gliders.

Speedgliders are not scaled-down, mini-paragliders, like our "Yeti 19" paraglider. Speedgliders are adapted to fly with a low glide ratio, stability and speed.

There are 5 important elements in speedglider design:

> Pitch stability

> Angle of attack control

> Variable glide ratio

> Wide speed range control

> Compact shape

These 5 elements enable the adaption of speedgliders to their specific uses, and the safe practice of speedriding and speedflying.

Let’s play in the air...

There is a flying machine to suit every taste: paragliders, mini-paragliders and now, speedgliders…