Speedriding safety information

Speedriding is a winter flying sport, mixing together 2 magic gliding elements - the snow and the air - in an exciting environment - the mountains. Linking the flight of a glider with the turn of your skis adds a new dimension to the descent from a mountain!

Speedriding is a new way to express your freedom and an exhilarating experience that should be practised with care and in a carefully chosen environment.

The practice of speedriding needs a good level of skiing.

You need to learn from the paragliding schools who are set up and able to teach speedriding. You will gain essential knowledge and you will learn faster in a fun, controlled, less stressful and safer environment.

Practicing on ski slopes is forbidden. If your resort has not already designated an area for speedriding, it is highly recommended that you contact the ski resort safety service. They should be able to give authorisation for an off-piste area to practice. As you may be a pioneer in your area, make sure you maintain a responsible attitude in your first steps toward speedflying.

Speedgliders - launched on foot - designed for highly experienced and responsible pilots that have enough knowledge to adapt to the speedglider´s dynamic handling. The higher wing loading increases the speed and the responsiveness of the handling. The glide angles are much lower than with modern paragliders. The landing approach and landing itself are considerably different.

All responsible speedriding pilots should equip themselves with a complete set of good off-piste ski and avalanche equipment (Recco, transceiver (Arva), shovel, probe, etc...)

It is absolutely essential to check the weather forecast and snow conditions. Take any advice from resort safety experts or high mountain guides. Always practise with utmost safety in mind for maximum enjoyment and fun.