• Intermediate
  • 3 sizes
  • 2 colours
  • LTF 23-05
vantage dgall 10 vantage dgall 13

Enjoy the view

The Vantage is the new intermediate paramotor wing from GIN, created for pilots looking for good performance and handling with the ease-of-use and security of a classic EN B paragliding wing. 

On the ground, the well-proven profile and advanced leading edge system makes the Vantage both easy to inflate in nil wind, and easy to control in windier take-off conditions.

In the air, the Vantage is perfectly balanced on the pitch axis, which damps the engine thrust and any turbulence. This outstanding balance produces a smooth a relaxing flying experience, yet still gives useful feedback from the air. The Vantage is highly manoeuvrable, with precise yet smooth handling, and thermalling is effortless.

The overall efficiency of the wing gives excellent performance and fuel efficiency, and the double hang-point risers with trim system is suitable for all types of suspension systems. The speed system, developed using GIN technology from competition paragliding, allows a wide speed range. The performance, sink rate and security of the Vantage also make it equally well-suited to flight without a motor. The Vantage is certified to the latest LTF 23-05 paramotoring standard and is DGAC (France) approved.

Discover performance, peace and pleasure with the Vantage…


Technical specifications

 SIZE 22 24 27
 FLAT  AREA 21.81m2 24.5m2 27.0m2
 SPAN 10.84m 11.47m 12.04m
 A.R 5.37 5.37 5.37
 PROJECTED  AREA 18.6m2 20.85m2 22.98m2
 SPAN 8.49m 8.98m 9.43m
 A.R 3.87 3.87 3.87
 CHORD  ROOT 2.53m 2.66m 2.81m
 TIP 0.50m 0.53m 0.56m
 CELL NUMBER 53 53 53
 GLIDER WEIGHT 5.9kg 6.2kg 6.7kg
 CERTIFIED WEIGHT WITH ENGINE 87-110kg 95-118kg 108-134kg

 RECOMMENDED PARAGLIDING WEIGHT 55-73kg 70-90kg 90-110kg
 LTF LTF 23-05 LTF 23-05 LTF 23-05


Included with your glider

Paramotor rucksackRepair kit
Inner bagClassic speed bar
Accessories bagUSB manual
StickersVelcro strap