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Feel free to discover the Gin feeling

The Sprint sets a new standard in the intermediate category. Using the latest technology, GIN offers the perfect blend of safety, handling and performance that will appeal to a wide range of pilots.

  • Easy take off even in strong wind
  • Smooth and safe high performance 1-2 class glider
  • High degree of passive safety
  • Smooth glide with high pitch stability for more comfort and performance in headwind transitions
  • High speed possibilities for this category of glider
  • Rigifoil system
  • Kick Down Speed system
  • Optional risers for paramotor use available

The new high-end 1-2 paraglider

When designer Gin Seok Song launched his own paraglider brand at the end of the nineties, his competition wing‚ the GIN Boomerang‚ defined new standards in performance. Never before had high end gliders been so easy to handle. Ever since, the international competition scene has been dominated by GIN Gliders. In 2001, the paragliding community was again amazed by the 1-2 glider the Oasis. At the time, nobody thought that such incredible performance could be combined with the safety standards of a 1-2 intermediate glider. Now, the success story continues with the new GIN SPRINT. We are all eagerly looking forward to the new generation glider, and expectations are running high. Feel free to discover the GIN feeling…

Your flight partner

A good paraglider must be able to be forgotten by the pilot during the flight. After all, there are many better things to do in flight than to constantly worry about your paraglider!

The Sprint has been designed and trimmed to be your flight partner in all situations. In the air, whatever your experience, the flight is always a story between you and the elements. On a long cross country from your favorite flying site, or simply in the air to enjoy the end of a beautiful day, the smooth feeling on glide and the precision in the turn of the Sprint will be your partner. In flight, well-being is essential because after coming back down to earth, the only important thing is the next flight. The Sprint creates a new standard in this intermediate category. Performance is amazing, it is a complete new step in the behaviour among these intermediate gliders. It climbs and behaves like a high performance wing in the thermal. The pitch stability gives an amazing ratio between performance and comfort.

Easy partner

To be your best friend in flight, the Sprint must have high performance, but must also be easy to pilot in all situations and phases of the flight. At take off, even with strong wind, this glider launches without a big surge. No stress. The main characteristic of this wingis an impressive ratio between the performance and the smooth feeling of safety: the Sprint has well damped reactions to turbulence, making the flight very comfortable.

Rigifoil Inside

The Sprint is equipped with the RIGIFOIL, the patented system (no. PCT/KR00/00665) already used on the highest performance GIN gliders like the Boomerang series. On the Sprint, the RIGIFOIL is used to maintain the solidity of the leading edge and to avoid pitching of the tips. It makes the glider very smooth to fly, even at the very high top speed for this category of glider. The maximum speed is very high for a glider with an aspect ratio of 5.32. Such speed is possible, and still comfortable, because the RIGIFOIL helps to keep the air inlets open and avoid collapses.

Technical specifications


 FLAT  AREA 21.87m2 23.35m2 25.00m2 27.00m2 29.20m2
 SPAN 10.84m 11.19m 11.59m 12.04m 12.52m
 A.R 5.37 5.37 5.37 5.37 5.37
 PROJECTED  AREA 18.60m2 19.88m2 21.28m2 22.98m2 24.86m2
 SPAN 8.49m 8.77m 9.07m 9.43m 9.81m
 A.R 3.87 3.87 3.87 3.87 3.87
 CHORD  ROOT 2.80m 2.89m 3.02m 3.14m 3.26m
 TIP 0.59m 0.61m 0.64m 0.66m 0.69m
 TOTAL HEIGHT 6.60m 6.81m 7.10m 7.38m 7.66m
 CELL NUMBER 53 53 53 53 53
 GLIDER WEIGHT 5.7kg 6.0kg 6.3kg 6.5kg 7.1kg
 CERTIFIED WEIGHT IN FLIGHT 55-73kg 68-87kg 80-100kg 90-110kg 105-130kg
 OPTIMUM WEIGHT IN FLIGHT 60-70kg 70-83kg 83-95kg 95-107kg 107-125kg
LTF 1-2 1-2 1-2 1-2 1-2


GIN Sprint colours

Included with your glider

Classic rucksackRepair kit
Inner bagClassic speed bar
Accessories bagUSB manual
StickersVelcro strap