Sprint X-Alps

  • Lightweight Intermediate
  • 5 sizes
  • 1 colour
  • EN B ::: LTF 1-2
g.sprintxalps-d_gall-01.jpg g.sprintxalps-d_gall-02.jpg g.sprintxalps-d_gall-03.jpg

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Compact and light weight intermediate

Light version of the Sprint, featuring the technology used in the Red Bull X-Alps race, the Sprint X-Alps offers the ideal combination of lightness and durability for trekking and cross country flying.


  • Sprint X-Alps sizes: XXS, XS, S, M & L
  • Lightweight leading edge reinforcement system
  • 1.2kg less weight than the serial Sprint
  • Delivered with the GIN X-Alps rucksack (90L / 900g)
  • Easy take off even in strong wind
  • Smooth and safe high performance 1-2 class glider
  • High degree of passive safety
  • Smooth glide with high pitch stability for more comfort and performance in head wind transitions
  • High speed possibilities for this category of glider
  • Kick Down speed system

X-Alps athletes need their equipment to be the best. Their wings have to be light and compact to carry but also very easy to use, durable and able to take off in all kinds of conditions. They also have to provide a lot of performance for a maximum of safety. All the experience accumulated since the inaugural race has been used to produce the Sprint X-Alps.

An optimum mix of the latest materials has therefore been chosen with one objective: to be easy to use, durable, compact and lightweight. The lightest materials available have been utilised wherever durability and ease of use allow. In other areas we have chosen materials which are lighter than normal, but not extreme.

The canopy is thus made of fabrics of different weights. A very light one (skytex 27) is used on the bottom surface and a slightly heavier one (skytex 36) is used on the top surface. The leading edge is also made of skytex 36 but with an additional water repellent treatment. This fabric provides more friction resistance and durability. Dyneema lines further reduce weight, but are sleeved to prevent tangling while groundhandling. Dyneema lines are also sleeved to avoid stability problems caused by changes in line length after many hours of flying. Risers, made of 12 mm Kevlar webbing, are also thinner but not extremely so. Moreover the leading edge is built with innovative flexible battens that enable a reduction in weight while preserving the same aerodynamic precision.

The Sprint X-Alps is so compact that it is delivered with our light GIN X-Alps rucksack (90L / 900g), which has space for your lightweight harness and other flying gear, but doesn’t completely fill the back of your car! No more excess luggage when travelling by plane, too.

The Sprint X-Alps makes no compromises in the air, but you should discover it yourself...

Technical specifications


 FLAT  AREA 21.87m2 23.35m2 25.00m2 27.00m2 29.20m2
 SPAN 10.84m 11.19m 11.59m 12.04m 12.52m
 A.R 5.37 5.37 5.37 5.37 5.37
 PROJECTED  AREA 18.60m2 19.88m2 21.28m2 22.98m2 24.86m2
 SPAN 8.49m 8.77m 9.07m 9.43m 9.81m
 A.R 3.87 3.87 3.87 3.87 3.87
 CHORD  ROOT 2.80m 2.89m 3.02m 3.14m 3.26m
 TIP 0.59m 0.61m 0.64m 0.66m 0.69m
 TOTAL HEIGHT 6.60m 6.81m 7.10m 7.38m 7.66m
 CELL NUMBER 53 53 53 53 53
 GLIDER WEIGHT 4.6kg 4.9kg 5.2kg 5.4kg 5.9kg
 CERTIFIED WEIGHT IN FLIGHT 55~73kg 68~87kg 80~100kg 90~110kg 105~130kg
 OPTIMUM WEIGHT IN FLIGHT 60~70kg 70~83kg 83~95kg 95~107kg 107~125kg


GIN Sprint colours

Included with your glider

Classic rucksackRepair kit
Inner bagClassic speed bar
Accessories bagUSB manual
StickersVelcro strap