Boomerang GTO

  • High Performance
  • 5 sizes
  • 4 colours
  • EN D ::: LTF D
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Gran Turismo Omologato

The Boomerang GTO is the highest performing wing ever designed by GIN that is also certified

  • Boomerang GTO sizes: XS, S, M, ML & L
  • Aspect ratio 6.68 with 77 cells
  • Rigifoil system
  • New light weight batterns leading edge reinforcement
  • 12 mm Kevlar webbing risers 
  • Kick Down speed system

GTO -"Gran Turismo Omologato"- was a term originally used by Ferrari, and later by Pontiac. GTO denotes a race car that has been made street legal. The Boomerang GTO was conceived in this spirit. Gin’s aim was to design a wing with a performance level that had never before been reached, but that would still be certified. Like with its predecessor, the Boomerang Sport, no compromises on handling and safety were allowed.

Cross country and competition

The Boomerang GTO will make you feel comfortable straight away.  Fun and confidence were two primary elements of the design equation. The wing is easy to handle in all kinds of conditions—take offs are equally comfortable in nil wind or in strong wind with no overshooting tendency. The stability of the Boomerang GTO is without comparison. The reactions of the wing will never surprise you—for example, oblique surges will never be a problem.
Naturally, the Boomerang GTO is a glider made only for experienced or talented pilots of the highest level. Such pilots love pure curve, thermalling in harmony, and are able to use the full capability of the highest performance wings. A minimum of 80 flying hours per year is recommended.
Gin’s philosophy for this wing is the same as for his World Cup gliders: the pilot must feel comfortable to perform well. In addition, the Boomerang GTO must offer easier handling in turns and thermalling.

In the last few years, the aspect ratio of high performance wings has generally increased while also improving safety. The Boomerang GTO has a flat A/R of 6.68 with 77 cells. The surface area is smaller than the Boomerang Sport due to a higher wingspan and A/R. A huge leap forward in terms of performance and behaviour has been made between these 2 models. New technologies derived from the latest competition wings were put into this new concept of glider.
The general weight of the canopy has been reduced, despite the glider having more cells, diagonals, tapes, reinforcements etc. This provides increased performance but also great handling and feedback. The leading edge is reinforced with flexible plastic battens coupled with the now famous Rigifoils. This enables a reduction in weight over conventional mylar inserts, while increasing aerodynamic efficiency. Moreover, a lighter fabric is used for the bottom surface and line attachment point reinforcements inside the profile are lighter due to a new fabric that also provides a better load distribution.
Lines are all Kevlar, unsheathed on upper and mid, but sheathed on main lines for ease of use and durability.

The Boomerang GTO is also made for pilots who like to hike a little, for example to reach an east face take-off for a long cross country journey. It is easier to handle in wild take-off areas, lighter to inflate and to carry than the standard competition Boomerang.

GTO represents the pure soul of paraglider design. It is not merely a stripped down competition gun, it takes the essence of the Boomerang to offer pure performance in a compact and manageable package.The Boomerang GTO is competition-ready because it offers the same performance as last season's competition wings! But the main objective of this glider is to offer the best pilots, who have no need to become world champion, a great piloting tool to fly huge cross country distances. The GTO has power whenever you need it and comfort all the time.



Technical Specifications


 FLAT  AREA 21.20m2 23.06m2 24.55m2 26.10m2 28.20m2
 SPAN 11.09m 12.41m 12.81m 13.20m 13.73m
 A.R 6.68 6.68 6.68 6.68 6.68
 PROJECTED  AREA 17.92m2 19.49m2 20.75m2 22.06m2 23.86m2
 SPAN 9.29m 9.69m 9.99m 10.31m 10.72m
 A.R 4.81 4.81 4.81 4.81 4.81
 CELL NUMBER 77 77 77 77 77
 GLIDER WEIGHT 5.6kg 6.0kg 6.3kg 6.6kg 7.0kg
 CERTIFIED WEIGHT IN FLIGHT 65-82kg 80-95kg 90-105kg 95-115kg 108-130kg
 OPTIMUM WEIGHT IN FLIGHT 70-82kg 82-93kg 93-103kg 103-113kg 113-125kg


Included with your glider

Classic rucksackRepair kitInner bagClassic speed barAccessories bagUSB manualStickersVelcro strap