Boomerang 9

  • High level competition
  • 3 sizes
  • 2 colours
  • EN D ::: LTF D
JM13 03 boom9studio 20 copie JM13 03 boom9studio 5 copie JM13 03 boom9studio 11 copie

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Accessible high-performance EN D
High-level competition

The Boomerang 9 is a no-compromise competition glider designed for high level competition and XC pilots demanding the very best performance. The Boomerang 9 was designed from the ground up to achieve EN D certification, in line with the regulations for the 2013 season onwards.

The Boomerang 9 is the first product to feature EPT (Equalized Pressure Technology). EPT uses numerical analysis to find the best solution for certain airfoil parameters. The result is that the air pressure inside the wing stays more constant and deformations of the airfoil are reduced. This means increased aerodynamic efficiency, which translates to better performance and better all-round flying characteristics.

The Boomerang 9 follows the philosophy of the original GIN Boomerang—that to fly fast and far, pilots must above all feel comfortable on their wing. The Boomerang 9 offers impressive safety compared to the level of performance on offer. Nevertheless, the Boomerang 9 is aimed at world-class pilots who have the experience and ability to fly 2 riser wings safely at speed without collapses. 


- Equalized pressure technology (EPT) for stability and performance

- 96 cells using a double diagonal system (a line every 4 cell blocks) reduces billow and profile drag

- High projected aspect ratio decreases sink rate and increases performance

- New low friction rings on the brake lines for smoother operation


Canopy cloth

Top surface: Skytex 40 

Bottom surface: Skytex 32

Ribs: Skytex 40 Firm finish


Upper: Edelrid 8000

Mid: Edelrid 8000

Lower: Edelrid 8000

Technical Specifications


 FLAT  AREA 21.20m2 23.00m2 24.87m2
 SPAN 12.81m 13.35m 13.88m
 A.R 7.75 7.75 7.75
 PROJECTED  AREA 18.18m2 19.7m2 21.33m2
 SPAN 10.41m 10.84m 11.28m
 A.R 5.96 5.96 5.96
 CELL NUMBER 96 96 96
 GLIDER WEIGHT 6.5kg 6.8kg 7.5kg
 CERTIFIED WEIGHT IN FLIGHT (85*) 90-105kg 95-115kg 105-125kg


* S size has passed successful flight tests with 90kg, currently there are some more test flights outstanding at 85kg.



Included with your glider

Repair kitConcertina bagAccessories bagUSB manualStickersVelcro strap