Boomerang 10

  • High level competition
  • 3 sizes
  • 2 colours
  • CCC

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CCC certified competition glider

The Boomerang 10 is a competition paraglider aimed at the world's very best competition and XC pilots. The wing has been designed to optimally meet the requirements of the CCC competition class and represents a significant step forward from its predecessor.


The Boomerang 10 is the result of almost 2 years of continuous development of our EPT technology first successfully introduced on the Boomerang 9 at the World Cup Superfinal in January 2013. In our comparative testing, the Boomerang 10 has demonstrated improved climb rate, greater stability at speed and increased top speed. We believe we have met the design brief of building the most competitive wing possible.

During the development of the Boomerang 10, we carried out extensive materials and structural research to calculate more accurately the aerodynamical forces under varying flight conditions. With the strategic use of the latest Porcher Sport Skytex 32g and 27g materials and advanced construction techniques, we were able to achieve increased structural strength whilst also improving the overall flight behaviour.

If you are a highly experienced competition pilot and feel this wing is suitable for you, please get in touch via your local GIN dealer.


Canopy cloth:
Upper surface: Porcher Sport Skytex 32g/27g
Lower surface: Porcher Sport Skytex 27g
Ribs: Porcher Sport Skytex 40g/32g

Upper: Edelrid 8000 / 9200
Mid: Edelrid 8000
Lower: Edelrid 8000

Technical Specifications


 FLAT  AREA 21.74m2 23.59m2 25.51m2
 A.R 7.7 7.7 7.7
 CELL NUMBER 96 96 96
 GLIDER WEIGHT 6.3kg 6.6kg 7.0kg
 CERTIFIED WEIGHT IN FLIGHT 85-100kg 100-115kg 110-125kg





Included with your glider

Podium shirtRepair kitConcertina bagAccessories bagStickersVelcro strap