Weaving some magic with the new GIN Griffin

Jerome Maupoint tells the story behind the pictures…

“As soon as I heard about the Griffin, a mini-paraglider of only 16 m2, I immediately tried to imagine the ideal terrain that would produce good product shots and capture dynamic action too. Wind, wide grassy hills, a wild but not too remote place for efficiency in work…

One of my favorite places for work as paragliding photographer is no doubt the north of England. I've travelled there many times in the past 10 years, and I remember thinking that most days, the best wing to fly there would be a small sized wing. A wing having the characteristics of a normal paraglider flown overloaded, able to play and soar in over 30 km/h of wind. Of course, I also knew that November can provide the worst weather of year when the sky is just grey for days, when the rain is called “sleet” …

Yes, but as a photographer, I can’t ignore the magical moments when the sun comes out after a long period rain. Times like this can provide the very best light. In this job and in flying, it always worth it to give a try and stay ready to capture the magic, unpredictable moments.

On 18th November I headed to Geneva airport and only 6 hours later, I arrived at the front door of UK Airsports, 1700km more north. The next 8 days would decide if it was a good choice or not.

On the 19th, the valley floor got covered by heavy snow.

On the 20th, we did what we could between snow “curtains”. Dark sky.

And then, some magic arrived.”

Thanks to UK Airsports (Patrick Holmes, Mark Stuart and Richard Bungay) and Mother Nature.

Enjoy the pictures below and find out more about the Griffin:



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