The new GIN Yeti Tandem: ready for adventure!

The new GIN Yeti Tandem is now ready and available for order. 

The Yeti series of paragliders, harnesses and accessories has long been a favourite of dedicated mountaineers, offering the best ratio of weight to performance and fun factor. The Yeti tandem goes further than ever before: we have reduced the weight from 7.2kg to just 5.6kg.

The lighter sail has produced not just a wing with an even easier inflation and take-off, but also with improved in-flight behaviour. The turn is precise and brake pressure is light and progressive. The glider sensitively transmits all the pleasureable sensations of flight, yet remains safe and reassuring at all times.

The wing is such a pleasure to fly, it's too good just for extreme mountain missions. It's also ideal as an occasional tandem wing for leisure pilots, or for professional tandem pilots on their days off.

The GIN Yeti tandem comes in size 38m and has a weight range 120-180kg. It is certified EN B and available for order now.

Find out more on the Yeti tandem product page.


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