The GIN Wide Open: Meduno, Italy 19-26th May

The GIN Wide Open is a new fun paragliding competition and annual flying event aimed at XC pilots wishing to improve their skills, get a taste of competition flying, or just have fun with friends and meet pilots from around the world.

The GIN Wide Open takes place from 19-26th May in Meduno, Italy. The site was chosen for its huge grassy launch, plentiful land-out options and reliable flying conditions. The competition is ideal for pilots wishing to improve their flying skills—there will be detailed task briefs/de-briefs and talks by experienced XC and competition pilots including GIN team pilots. For the running of the competition, we have teamed up with professional guides and competition organizers Brett Janaway and Toby Colombé.

All competitors will be eligible for the prize draw to win a GIN paraglider, harness or rescue parachute, in addition to other great prizes.

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