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20141016 th

Film festival award for GIN team pilot

16/10/2014 :::

GIN team pilot Joanna Di Grigoli has won first prize in the "Air" category at the Ascenso film festival (, held in Venezuela. Her film, "A Glacier Among Friends" tells the story of Joanna's first hike 'n fly adventure in the French alps with friends Orlane Sturbois and Jerome Maupoint on their GIN Yeti paragliders.

20140814 th

Official Atlas X-Alps video

14/08/2014 :::

The Atlas X-Alps, Verso harness and Yeti rescue is the perfect combination to complement your hike ’n fly adventures, as well as regular flying. See them in action in Lake Roselend and the Joly pass in the French Alps in the official Atlas X-Alps video

20140631 th

Violon, Parapente et Himalaya

01/07/2014 :::

Jean Yves Frederiksen, alias "Blutch" has dedicated his life to adventure and symbiosis with the elements. He’s just back from Greenland where he crossed the entire country from West to East with a kite, pulling a sled and flying locally at times.

20140624 th

New video—Plastic rods and glider packing: information and advice

24/06/2014 :::

Designer and test pilot Torsten Siegel explains the technology behind the plastic rods used in GIN wings and how to take care of your glider by concertina packing using the new GIN concertina bag.

20140116b th

Official Carrera video online

16/01/2014 :::

The Carrera is already a big hit among experienced XC pilots. GIN factory pilots Aaron Durogati and Michael Sigel present our new sports performance glider in the official video—watch it here.

20130619 th

Official Atlas video

19/06/2013 :::

Watch the official Atlas video to discover how Equalized Pressure Technology) is making the Atlas a new benchmark in safety, handling and performance in the easy intermediate (EN B) class.

20120907 th

Official Vantage paramotor video!

07/09/2012 :::

French paramotorists Jean Mateos and Michel Touitou found the new GIN Vantage a real all-round wing, "playful, handy and sweet in all situations". Watch the official video.

20120807 th

Official Mirage paramotor video!

07/08/2012 :::

French paramotoring legends Jean Mateos and Michel Touitou having fun on the Mirage, the new intermediate reflex paramotor wing from GIN.

20120328 th

The Boomerang X has landed!

28/03/2012 :::

The Boomerang X, the new EN D wing replacing the Boomerang GTO, is now officially launched. Share the passion that Gin and the test team have put into this wing by watching the official video.

20120123 th

GIN Fluid 2012 video

23/01/2012 :::

GIN Fluid: speed, deceleration, precision, energy retention, steepness, dynamism, solidity...

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