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20140514 th

Introducing the GIN Fuse: new tandem with EPT

14/05/2014 :::

The Fuse is our new tandem wing for pro tandem pilots—available now.

20140318 th

French speedriding championships, GIN Fluid 1st & 2nd!

18/03/2014 :::

Martin Schricke won the first task of the French speedriding championships 2014 on his GIN Fluid.

20120806 th

2012 FLYGIN T-shirts in stock

08/06/2012 :::

The new 2012 FLYGIN t-shirts are now available. The Bamboo team shirt is designed for active wear and features a new hi-tech polyester/bamboo charcoal fabric. There are also 2 cotton T's, the GIN Classic logo t-shirt and the Wave t-shirt. See the whole range here.

20120604 th

Get the 2012 GIN Screensaver

04/06/2012 :::

The 2012 GIN screensaver features 39 choice cuts from official GIN photographer Jerome Maupoint. Get it here.

20120601 th

GIN Military cap now in stock

31/05/2012 :::

Keep cool this summer with the GIN Military cap. 100% cotton corduroy in navy or khaki. Available now from your GIN dealer. 

20120402 th

Speedriding Cup Samoens Open 2012: Yoan does it again!

02/04/2012 :::

After winning Andorra International Speed Contest, the GIN Team Rider Yoan Castagnoli wins again the Speedriding Cup Open 2012 in Samoens, France.

20120315 th

Speedriding: Yoan Castagnoli wins in Andorra!

15/03/2012 :::

The GIN team Speedrider Yoan Castagnoli went huge in Vallnord, Andorra, at the Vallnord Speedride International 2012.

20120307 th

Swiss Speedriding Champs 2012: Dominik and Florian Wicki on top!

07/03/2012 :::

There were good conditions at the 2012 Swiss Speedriding championships in Haslital / Meiringen.

20120123 th

GIN Fluid 2012 video

23/01/2012 :::

GIN Fluid: speed, deceleration, precision, energy retention, steepness, dynamism, solidity...

20120111 th2

Nano 2012 in action

11/01/2012 :::

The GIN Speedriding team demonstrate how to have fun on the Nano.

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