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Introducing the Pegasus 2

02/07/2018 :::

The Pegasus 2 is a universal paramotoring wing for beginning and leisure pilots who want a confidence-inspiring wing that is also fun to fly, both with and without a motor.


Atlas 2: low stress, high fun

20/06/2018 :::

The Atlas 2 is an easy intermediate wing for beginning and leisure pilots who want a confidence-inspiring wing that still offers great XC possibilities.


Fuse 2: the tandem for professionals

11/06/2018 :::

The Fuse 2 is a tandem paraglider for professionals who demand maximum efficiency, reliability and also flying pleasure.


The new Speedride harness

28/02/2018 :::

The new Speedride harness is a versatile reversible harness designed for beginner to experienced speedriders. and more. Use it for speedflying, mountaineering, tandem, soaring. Available now, more details on the Speedride page.


Boomerang 11 news: 2 additional sizes

26/02/2018 :::

The Boomerang 11 is now available in sizes SM (92-107 kg) and ML (103-118kg), certified CCC. See the full specifications on the Boomerang 11 product page.


3 new clothing items

10/01/2018 :::

New for 2018: Flygin classic hoodie, Basic T-shirts and the G-wrap multifunctional headwear.


The new Gangster 2

19/12/2017 :::

The Gangster 2 is an agile freestyle glider with a comfortable safety margin. Ideal for wagga sessions and working on acro skills, it’s also a wing that will let you thermal all day, or even go cross-country.


Introducing the Nano 4

18/12/2017 :::

The Nano was the first ever speedriding wing in 2005. The Nano 4 retains the accessible character of the original wing, whilst offering more speed and a better glide.

windy flying suit4up 560w 292

The new Windy flying suit lite

13/11/2017 :::

The Windy flying suit lite is one of the most popular flying suits on the market. Now available in blue/grey and black/grey, it's a lightweight suit with a full mesh lining and ample storage options. Wear it in summer with just a t-shirt, or in winter with thermal clothing. 

yeti convertible 2 560w 292

Introducing the Yeti Convertible 2 harness

06/11/2017 :::

The Yeti Convertible 2 is a lightweight reversible harness with split legs — ideal for hike ‘n fly, para-alpinism, travel, and soaring. The harness features an improved geometry for greater comfort and usability, plus better load distribution thanks to the redesigned rucksack.

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