Semih Sayir wins Turkish Championships on the Boomerang X

Congratulations to Semih Sayir, our distributor in Turkey, for winning the Turkish Championships again on his GIN Boomerang X glider.

Semih reports: "This time it was difficult to beat all the young and motivated pilots. There has been a serious step up in the level of Turkish pilots. I had to beat them with the Boomerang X to prove its capability! Flying a glider with comfort is as important as performance, as a matter of fact it's a part of the performance. The Boomerang X definitely handles like a dream. With this preciese handling, I don’t fall out of thermals anymore and I can focus better on my winning strategy."

Congratulations also to Emre Gürer who was 3rd in the Sports Class on the GIN Tribe.

Full results here


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