Primoz Susa: 2011 Slovenian League Champion

Slovenian league champion, on the Boomerang 8, is Primoz Susa. Congratulations!

The Slovenian league championship is a combined result of league competitions in different parts of Slovenia, the Slovenian Open, and the Nationals (held as part of pre-PWC Macedonia in 2011). There was a mix of different areas and seasonal conditions and a really interesting finish: flatland flying in Macedonia. There is a discard system for the scoring: from 15 successful tasks flown this year, each pilot's best 11 tasks counted towards the final ranking.

Primoz reports:

"Last year 2010 I was national champion and winner of Slovenian Open competition and this year, Slovenian League Champion 2011. Difference from last year Slo Open is mostly that the competition was held in a strong and very fast, mountain flying place of Soča Valley. When this year we had Slovenian Open in a flat land flying area which makes me sometimes little bit too greedy. On our nationals this year two times it happened that I had to correct final glide approach and gain some more altitude while watching others fly into goal and so loosing some valuable minutes.

In the end this year there some really nice moments but also some not so good that I it would not hurt if I would forget them soon. If there would be a second chance I would want to retry Colombia PWC and Bassano competition since that were actually the best and the strongest competitions of the year. Anyway season in our place finished with one of the most enjoyable flying in Macedonia, that I had this year."


Slovenian league 2011 overall results:

1. Primoz Susa, Gin Gliders

2. Peljhan Klemen, Ozone

3. Urban Valič, Niviuk


"This is video from unforgettable magic winter day we had this year in Slovenia."


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