Pre-PWC Macedonia: Cortella + GIN Boom GTO v comp wings

The pre-PWC in Krushevo, Macedonia (31st July-6th August) was run with Open Class comp wings. But some pilots like Denis Cortella chose to fly Serial class. The results were interesting. Denis was 2nd overall on the GIN GTO. 

3 tasks of 49.9km, 63.2km and 66.9km were flown. Conditions were tough and pilots had to fight hard for every kilometre.

Denis Cortella was 2nd overall on the Boomerang GTO against many competition wings. Denis said, "Open class pilots had been impressed by the performance of GTO! Of course they got better performance in some part but at the end, they were less performance with a difficult wing than with my easy one! GTO climbed same or better than open class wing in strong condition. This wing search ascending air nicely and help to follow the good line. In trim speed, glide performance of GTO was really close to Open class wings."

The competition also included ranking for the Ukrainian and Macedonian Opens. GIN team pilot and Macedonian Distributor, Goran Dimiskovski, is the new Macedonian champion on the Boomerang 8.

There was also success for the female GIN pilots. Klaudia Bulgakow was 2nd, Svietlana Piskarieva 3rd.

Thanks and congratulations to all.

Overall results

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