New extended weight range for the GIN Yeti

Good news for mountain adventurers--our long-successful lightweight wing, the Yeti, is now certified EN B for a higher maximum weight in sizes 24 and 26.

Hike and fly pilots can now enjoy the dynamic and fun qualities of a higher wing loading, and committed mountaineers can carry extra bivouac gear etc. with peace of mind. The higher wing loading improves handling and speed, yet performance and safety remains excellent.

The new extended weight range is as follows:

Yeti 24 Yeti 26 
55-75kg EN A   70-90kg EN A
75-87kg EN B  90-102kg EN B

More information on the Yeti product page

The Yeti paraglider is part of the lightweight Yeti range which includes everything for the mountain adventurer: a tandem paraglider, harnesses, a rescue, rucksacs, accessories and even clothing.


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