Jerome Maupoint in the UK

Most people visiting the UK in August were there for the Olympics, but not so GIN photographer Jerome Maupoint. The attraction for Jerome was not the grand events in London but the simple magic of the hills. Jerome gives this account.

The magic hills, Jérome Maupoint.

I had been waiting for ages for some good days to head to England. I regularly feel the need to meet up with those magic hills, cast my eyes over a true horizon and float in deformed thermals in the wind. 

For the past 2 months, high pressure had been fixed above the Atlantic Ocean but never hit Great Britain -- damn! It would soon be midsummer and once again I had to put off my ticket to Gatwick airport: “No chance this week”, insisted my friend Hugh.

Around the 5th of August, a bright spell emerged but no one could say if it’s going to be epic or just simply dry weather? You have to make your own luck sometimes… I jumped on the first plane. In paragliding, nothing is ever carved in stone…

From 7th to 10th August, there was finally a rare window of 4 flying days in the Southern Uplands of Scotland and the magic hills of the Dales. Southern Boy Hugh Miller took up the challenge against the “Northern Bastards”* on their own soil and flew two 110k flights in a row. He much appreciated the comfort and precision of the GIN Genie Lite harness.

From my point of view, I was often late to reach ‘base and maybe too focused on my camera. I enjoyed the really late evening soaring in the wind of the Dales, scraping my wing tips at will, comfortably seated in my Genie Lite, version “freeride”* .

Read the full story by Hugh Miller soon in XC mag and XC digital.

* - Barney Woodhead, Mike Cavanagh, Phil Wallbank, Helen Gant, Phil Colbert

** - Genie Lite "freeride" = Genie Lite without cocoon


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