Introducing the Yeti Cross square rescue parachute

The Yeti Cross is a new lightweight square rescue parachute from Gin Gliders. The rescue offers fast opening time, rapid stabilization and reliability.

The design process involved a long period of testing and development, drawing on Gin Gliders' experience of producing parachutes for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) in the general aviation industry. The Yeti Cross is produced to the highest possible quality standards in GIN's own AS9100C approved manufacturing facilities.

GIN Team pilot Idris Birch:

"The stability of the Yeti Cross is amazing! This parachute goes from opening to normal descent faster than any I have ever seen. The Yeti cross is very stable, it rapidly and naturally damps out oscillations."

The Yeti Cross is available now from GIN dealers.

Enjoy the official video and find out more details on the Yeti Cross product page...



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